4 Smart Ideas to Add to Your Home Security System


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It’s 2020, and technology is supposed to make our lives easier. While we may still work 40-hour weeks and don’t fly hovercars, smart security has improved vastly in recent years. You don’t have to worry about every creaking sound you hear or doubt whether you locked the door on the way out. A home security system installation gives you peace of mind 24/7.

Surveillance cameras and alarms are probably the first things that come to mind for your Tesuque, NM-area home. But there are many more features you can add to a home security system installation, making your day-to-day more convenient and secure. Get inspired by these lesser-known safety solutions below.

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Creative Mobile Alerts

With a system like Control4, you’ll receive instant alerts right to your phone or tablet. You’ll be notified when motion is detected, or something is caught on camera, but that’s not all.

You can program your Control4 system to alert you if doors or gates are left open for longer than five minutes or if an incorrect code is entered on your smart locks. You can even be notified when your mail arrives and set your system to play “you’ve got mail” over your home’s speakers. 

If a pipe leaks, if the oven’s preheated, or if the liquor cabinet’s been opened—you can receive a message letting you know. Control4 can notify you if the kids enter restricted rooms, like your home office or the wine cellar—so they’ll know not to try.


AI Video Analytics

While motion-detection alerts are handy, it will become an annoyance if you’re notified every time the dog runs across the house or your own family walks up the driveway. But smart video analytics will know the difference between a stranger and someone it’s seen before and even recognize an unfamiliar car.

The AI recognition technology won’t bother you about the cat walking around the deck, but it will alert you if another animal is on the property. You won’t experience boy-who-cried-wolf instances where you grow numb to your system’s alerts. You’ll know that if you’re being notified, it must be real.    


Smart Lighting and Shading

The fact is, most burglaries occur during the day. And if you’re out at work or away on a trip for a week, your dark, vacant home will be a clear target for thieves. That’s where smart lighting and motorized shades can save the day.

Schedule your lights to toggle on and off randomly every hour and lower the shades remotely through your smart app. ‘Mockupancy’ makes it look like someone is always home, leading burglars to target another house.


Automated Smart Locks

You can do much more than enter a pin code at your door. If guests are staying at your house, for instance, you can create temporary codes that you can deactivate through your smart system. Hands full? Lock the door through voice control, speaking a pin code to your voice assistant (make sure no one is within earshot, of course). Or unlock your door from your phone before you’ve grabbed the groceries in the trunk.


Are you looking for a home security system installation in Santa Fe or Tesuque, NM? Contact A Sound Look here for a free consultation to find a solution right for your household. We look forward to helping you!

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