6 Signs You Need A Home Networking Upgrade


Is Your Wi-Fi Giving You What You Need?

Like the weather, Wi-Fi can seem unpredictable and often disappointing. Will your video call run smoothly? Will the movie get stuck loading for twenty minutes? Who is to say? 

But with help from a home networking professional, you may be surprised to find your internet performing quickly across the house. A well-running home network is not impossible, and your Los Alamos, NM household could be living with one soon.

To see if it’s time for an upgrade in your home, read the following tell-tale signs. 

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  1. Areas of Your House Don’t Receive Signal

Are there parts of your house where Wi-Fi runs noticeably slowly or won’t connect at all? Maybe it’s in the bedrooms, on another floor, or outside. The layout and materials of your home may be interfering with connections. If there’s considerable space between you and the router, a range extender can rebroadcast your signal to spread it further.

  1. Your Router and Technology Are Outdated  

For the best performance, you’ll want a dual-bandwidth router that broadcasts two frequencies—2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. That way, you can use both to avoid signal jamming and therefore increase bandwidth. If you haven’t upgraded your router in more than four years, before dual-bandwidth Wi-Fi was first released, now is the time to experience the difference. 

The firmware on older computers, laptops, and phones may not benefit from new router technology like MU-MIMO (multiple user, multiple input multiple output), so upgrading personal devices could help you see faster speeds, too. 

  1. You Run Smart Technology on Wi-Fi

If you own or want a home automation system, it’s best to wire that on its own network. Too many devices on one signal will cause stalling, and you don’t want your security system, smart lighting, and thermostats to be powerless if the internet is down.

  1. You’re Streaming in 4K

The future of TV and film is in 4K, and if you own a 4K OLED screen, you want the best resolution possible. But streaming 4K requires a hefty amount of bandwidth to receive such clear, vibrant picture quality. Unless you want to watch a loading page stuck at ten percent, a faster internet connection is a must. 

  1. Your Household Plays Video Games Online

If someone in your house is playing video games over Wi-Fi to chat with friends while playing or purchasing downloads, that will do a number on your home network. See if you notice other devices running slower while online games are played. If so, you might benefit from a stronger, more extensive network.

  1. You’re Working from Home

Video conference calls, downloading files, syncing calendars, connecting to the server—working remotely requires a lot from your home network. If games, smartphones, and Netflix are running simultaneously during your workday, you’re going to see stalled connections. And if your office isn’t close enough to the router, range extenders may help.

Is it time to upgrade your home’s Wi-Fi? Servicing Santa Fe and Los Alamos, NM, A Sound Look is your destination for all home technology. We build systems that combine wired and wireless networks and will survey your home to find problem areas.  

Contact us here to get started on your all-new internet experience.




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