When you think of smart home automation, you may feel like it’s something out of a movie, or too futuristic for your current lifestyle. It’s actually more accessible than you may think, and the advantages of smart home technology are endless. Integrated devices can connect your home’s various subsystems and devices and have them communicate with one another. You can design your smart system to be controllable with the touch of a button, making it effortless to manage.

We’ll walk you through a typical day you and your family can experience with smart home automation powering your New Mexico home and lifestyle.

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Morning has come, and it’s time to get ready for work while your children get ready for school. Your motorized shades will rise at their scheduled time to help you and your family gently wake up. In your bathroom, you have the morning news play on your mirror TV as you get ready. Multi-room video allows you to play the same channel simultaneously on your kitchen TV so you can continue watching as you eat breakfast with your family. 


In your home office, your motorized shades will lower when they sense there’s too much sunlight — helping eliminate glare from your computer screen. Tunable lighting will illuminate your home and mimic the sunshine outside, creating a positive impact on your circadian rhythms. Someone knocks on your door, and you check who it is through the security cameras connected to your smart home automation app on your phone. You see it’s someone delivering your package you ordered and say thank you to the person through two-way audio.


The workday and school day is done. You want to relax and take a swim in your pool with your family before dinner, so you play a playlist on your outdoor speakers. Since your hands are wet, you use voice commands to switch songs and control your music hands-free. When it’s time for dinner, you activate a preset “dinner” lighting scene that tells your lighting system to fill your dining area with a warm glow. Once the evening finishes and it’s time for bed, you check on your entire home — lights, shades, locks, thermostats, and more — through your smart home app. With a touch of a button, you turn off all your lights, lower your shades, lock all your doors, and set your ideal nighttime temperature.

Smart home automation provides advanced sophistication, customization, and convenience for you and your whole family. If you’re ready to design a smart home system, contact our team at A Sound Look. You can count on us to have the latest and best technology and products on the market. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!



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