How Easy Is It To Use A Smart Home Automation System?


Learn about the 3 User-Friendly Benefits of Living in a Control4 Smart Home

If you want to elevate your lifestyle to a new level, then smart home automation is the perfect place to start. It gives you seamless control of all the smart technologies in your home – from the lights and home entertainment system to the home security and climate control system. Instead of manually flipping light switches or turning knobs, you can do it all from your smart touchpad or mobile phone.

Still, some people in Albuquerque, NM, are wary about making the switch to smart home automation. The biggest concern centers around the system’s ease of use or complexity. How big is the learning curve? Is it really as easy to use as they say? Keep reading to discover why so many people enjoy the seamless and simple control a smart home brings.

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No Tech in Sight: Hidden Audio & Video


Get Inspired for Your Next Audio Video Installation

No, we’re not talking about hidden cameras for surveillance or spy systems. We’re talking about hidden speakers and screens that let you enjoy multi-room music and TV time while maintaining a minimalistic interior design.

When you’re proud of your home’s décor, a large, black TV screen can not only be distracting but also take away from a room’s atmosphere. Similarly, you may be interested in a multi-room music setup but may not want large loudspeakers in every corner.

If so, could hidden technology be the answer to your next audio video installation? Discover your options for your Tesuque, NM, home below. 

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How Often Should I Upgrade My Wireless Home Network?


And Other Questions to Ask About Your Home’s Internet  

We can all agree that Wi-Fi is a wonderful thing; it lets us connect with people from around the world in seconds, accessing and sharing information instantly. But it can cause us a lot of headaches, too.

If you’re working from home, you may have experienced frozen video calls or found that certain rooms don’t receive a signal at all, keeping you siloed in one area. Not to mention, cyberhackers are always a looming threat that don’t seem like a problem until it happens to you.

To make sure you’re getting the best internet possible in your Santa Fe, NM, home, read on for our Wi-Fi FAQs. Maybe it’s time for a new home network installation to enjoy the performance you need.

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4 Smart Ideas to Add to Your Home Security System


Get the Most Out of Home Security & Stay Safe  

It’s 2020, and technology is supposed to make our lives easier. While we may still work 40-hour weeks and don’t fly hovercars, smart security has improved vastly in recent years. You don’t have to worry about every creaking sound you hear or doubt whether you locked the door on the way out. A home security system installation gives you peace of mind 24/7.

Surveillance cameras and alarms are probably the first things that come to mind for your Tesuque, NM-area home. But there are many more features you can add to a home security system installation, making your day-to-day more convenient and secure. Get inspired by these lesser-known safety solutions below.

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How Does Smart Home Security Work?


A Breakdown of Smart Security for Your Albuquerque, NM Home

We tell each other to “get home safe” when saying goodbye, but many things in life are out of our control. What if you return home only to discover that a fire or gas leak has started, or someone broke into the house? You’ll wish that you had received a heads-up before it was too late.

With a smart home security system, you’re always in the know. If anything were to go wrong at your Albuquerque, NM property, you’d know instantly from a mobile alert. But how does smart home security work? We’ll explain how a Control4 system functions below.


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Make Your Santa Fe Home Cozy & Comfortable With Control4


Smart Lighting, Blinds, and Temperature Control Enhance Your Home’s Atmosphere

Fall is just around the corner in Santa Fe, and soon winter will follow. We go out of our way to bring warmth to colder days, with candles, wood fires, and mugs of pumpkin-spiced coffee. But what if your home itself were automatically cozier?

You might think of TVs and security systems when you think of Control4, but the home automation system also controls lighting, shading, and thermostats. By saving custom scenes, you can make your home’s atmosphere a more livable space.

Read on for the following benefits a Control4 dealer can add to your home in Santa Fe, NM.

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When you think of smart home automation, you may feel like it’s something out of a movie, or too futuristic for your current lifestyle. It’s actually more accessible than you may think, and the advantages of smart home technology are endless. Integrated devices can connect your home’s various subsystems and devices and have them communicate with one another. You can design your smart system to be controllable with the touch of a button, making it effortless to manage.

We’ll walk you through a typical day you and your family can experience with smart home automation powering your New Mexico home and lifestyle.

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6 Signs You Need A Home Networking Upgrade


Is Your Wi-Fi Giving You What You Need?

Like the weather, Wi-Fi can seem unpredictable and often disappointing. Will your video call run smoothly? Will the movie get stuck loading for twenty minutes? Who is to say? 

But with help from a home networking professional, you may be surprised to find your internet performing quickly across the house. A well-running home network is not impossible, and your Los Alamos, NM household could be living with one soon.

To see if it’s time for an upgrade in your home, read the following tell-tale signs. 

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Where Is the Best Location to Install Security Cameras?


Find the Right Camera Placements to Keep Your Home Safe 

No one wants to receive an alert that indicates someone is trespassing on their property. But it’s better to receive a heads-up than hear nothing at all. You won’t want to discover later that your possessions have been stolen—or worse.

Whether you’re fast asleep or across town at the grocery store, a smart security system will always keep you in-the-know with human detection notifications.

If you ever receive a security notification, you’ll want to check your camera footage right away. But where is the best location to install security cameras on your home? Burglars often find ways to tamper with cameras or avoid being recorded. To ensure you capture everything necessary, read on to help your Albuquerque, NM house stay safe.

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Staying Home? Make the Most of the Summer with Outdoor Entertainment


We often start the year with grand plans of fun and adventure. We plan to check off our bucket list, exercise more, or spend more time with loved ones. But life has a funny way of tampering with our dreams, and if your travels have also been suspended due to pandemic travel restrictions, you may feel ‘stuck at home’ this summer.

Luckily, we live in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. So why not make the most of your backyard space? With these outdoor entertainment solutions, you can use high-end screens and speakers in the fresh air all year long. Read on to see how outdoor audio and video works and get inspired for your home.


SEE ALSO: Our Smart Security FAQs


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