How Does Smart Home Security Work?


A Breakdown of Smart Security for Your Albuquerque, NM Home

We tell each other to “get home safe” when saying goodbye, but many things in life are out of our control. What if you return home only to discover that a fire or gas leak has started, or someone broke into the house? You’ll wish that you had received a heads-up before it was too late.

With a smart home security system, you’re always in the know. If anything were to go wrong at your Albuquerque, NM property, you’d know instantly from a mobile alert. But how does smart home security work? We’ll explain how a Control4 system functions below.


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Your Smart Home OS

The controller is the brains of your Control4 automation system. All your devices will be connected to one centralized hub and accessed through your Smart Home OS 3, or the operating system. Through your smartphone, tablet, or wall control panel, you’ll view all your devices with at-a-glance icons that will tell you which doors are unlocked, lights are on, and cameras activated.


Professionally Wired & Installed

Control4 isn’t something you can pick up at Target or order at Amazon. But that’s for a good reason. Control4’s smart system is capable of complex commands, like activating scenes that control your shades, lights, garage door, alarms, and cameras. It’s intuitive and easy to configure for the user but requires an experienced integrator to install. Your installer will know how and where to discreetly wire cameras, sensors, and smart locks to connect to Control4.


Receive Real-Time Updates

Whether a door is opened or motion is detected in the backyard, you’ll receive a push notification right to your phone. From there, you can check your real-time surveillance cameras to ensure everything’s okay.

If you’re worried that your system will bother you all day about the dog’s activities, there’s a solution. Modern IP cameras with video analytics can recognize anyone that frequently visits your house, like your family or the mailman. Your system will learn not to report on your pets or moving cars but will notice an unfamiliar license plate parked outside, or a stranger lingering for too long.  


‘Mockupancy’ and Automated Solutions

Going away for the weekend? Or a much longer trip? Even if you’re only away for the day, a dark, vacant house attracts burglars. But what if you could make it look like someone is home? A smart security system can mimic your family’s behavior and schedules by activating TVs, lights, music, and shades on and off in a random but realistic fashion. If anyone is scouting a house to target, they’ll think your home is occupied.


Is it time to finally give yourself peace of mind? For smart security solutions in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, contact A Sound Look here.

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