Make Your Santa Fe Home Cozy & Comfortable With Control4


Smart Lighting, Blinds, and Temperature Control Enhance Your Home’s Atmosphere

Fall is just around the corner in Santa Fe, and soon winter will follow. We go out of our way to bring warmth to colder days, with candles, wood fires, and mugs of pumpkin-spiced coffee. But what if your home itself were automatically cozier?

You might think of TVs and security systems when you think of Control4, but the home automation system also controls lighting, shading, and thermostats. By saving custom scenes, you can make your home’s atmosphere a more livable space.

Read on for the following benefits a Control4 dealer can add to your home in Santa Fe, NM.

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Lighting Beyond On & Off

As the days get shorter, it’s crucial to keep our spirits up with the right amount of lighting. In the mornings, while you’re working from home, set your tunable smart lights to a bright, cool white, which will energize your mind for a productive day. From the Control4 app, you can customize integrated lighting fixtures and save scenes that will automatically activate.

By sunset, your home’s lights will gradually turn on and to soft, golden hues. The same bulbs that were a blue-white in the morning can now look like candlelight. Select a playlist for your multi-room speakers for the ultimate ambiance.  


Sunshine & Privacy

Don’t accidentally make your day gloomier than necessary. Motorized shades with Control4 will automatically rise with the sunrise, letting in the day. Smart shades can also help moderate the room’s temperature, with transparent fabrics that still allow you to admire your backyard view.

At nightfall, your entire house’s blinds can lower, granting you privacy from the neighborhood. Control manually from a wall switch, remote, or through the Control4 app, or through automated settings prompted by sensors or schedules.   


Never Too Hot, Never Too Cold

Smart home wellness also includes temperature and airflow, and Control4 makes it easier to manage how your home feels. You can integrate your existing HVAC system, radiant flooring, forced air, and geothermal systems into your Control4 network, as well as a fireplace switch. In one tap of a button, you’ll have the exact temperature you need. Add a water or air purification device to your system to check in on and manage anytime, from anywhere.


Ready for home automation? Contact A Sound Look in Santa Fe to design and install your new Control4 home.  

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