No Tech in Sight: Hidden Audio & Video


Get Inspired for Your Next Audio Video Installation

No, we’re not talking about hidden cameras for surveillance or spy systems. We’re talking about hidden speakers and screens that let you enjoy multi-room music and TV time while maintaining a minimalistic interior design.

When you’re proud of your home’s décor, a large, black TV screen can not only be distracting but also take away from a room’s atmosphere. Similarly, you may be interested in a multi-room music setup but may not want large loudspeakers in every corner.

If so, could hidden technology be the answer to your next audio video installation? Discover your options for your Tesuque, NM, home below. 

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Hidden & Invisible Speakers

Life’s better with music on, and your family will enjoy more of it with a multi-room audio system. Whether you use the Sonos or Control4 app, you can select and group rooms to play the same tunes simultaneously.

But if you don’t want speakers, subwoofers, and visible wiring in every room, in-wall and in-ceiling audio is your solution. Hidden speakers are installed within the walls behind a metal grille, almost like recessed lighting. You can go further with ‘invisible’ speakers, which are finished over and housed entirely inside the wall, with no grille or speaker insight. This doesn’t need to compromise sound quality, either. Many high-end brands build hidden audio devices that deliver high-fidelity sound to impress even the pickiest speaker enthusiasts.

Hidden Projectors & Screens

Maybe you have a projector in the media room but also want to use the space to play games, dance to music, and, eventually, host get-togethers without distraction. Your projector screen can quickly rise into the ceiling, and guess what? So can the projector, lifting into an in-ceiling compartment for a clean, minimal appearance. When it’s movie time, tap your remote or control system app, and let the show begin.

Swiveling TV Lifts

Imagine a flatscreen that ascends out of the floor, swiveling towards your sofa or bed. It’s a real possibility, activated by a press of a button on a wall panel, remote, or through your smart system app. TV lifts are an alternative high-end option for discreet TV displays and make an excellent choice for smaller spaces or multiple viewing angles.

Artwork & Mirror TVs

That beautiful painting above the fireplace? Tell Alexa to play Game of Thrones, and suddenly it’s an Ultra-HD TV, queuing up HBO. Brands like Samsung and Séura are transforming how we see televisions today and even offer mirror TVs that turn into functional glass mirrors when the display is turned off. When it’s not movie night, you’re in control of the way you personalize your home. 


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