Staying Home? Make the Most of the Summer with Outdoor Entertainment


We often start the year with grand plans of fun and adventure. We plan to check off our bucket list, exercise more, or spend more time with loved ones. But life has a funny way of tampering with our dreams, and if your travels have also been suspended due to pandemic travel restrictions, you may feel ‘stuck at home’ this summer.

Luckily, we live in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. So why not make the most of your backyard space? With these outdoor entertainment solutions, you can use high-end screens and speakers in the fresh air all year long. Read on to see how outdoor audio and video works and get inspired for your home.


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Audio Everywhere All Year

Do you still use a portable speaker for your backyard BBQs and nighttime swims? There’s no need to drag a low-quality speaker back and forth from your house when you can install a permanent speaker system in your yard.


Today’s weatherproof outdoor audio is built to endure all heat, dirt, rain, and snow, so your system can stay put all year. By connecting to one receiver and control system, your outdoor devices can sync to indoor speakers, too, so you’ll experience the same playlists as you walk in and out the door. 


Just Like Nature

If you’d like to reduce the appearance of technology, rock-shaped speakers blend into your shrubs and plants while emanating robust, clear sound. Or punctuate your property with small satellite speakers for optimal range, so you can still hear your oldies playlist while playing frisbee across the lawn. To boost the sound, install an in-ground subwoofer for rich, deep bass notes.   


Movie Nights Under the Stars

Like outdoor audio, durable HD televisions function in all weather—even splashes of water on the screen! Your yard will be everyone’s favorite spot at home, as your family catches the game or watches a favorite like Ozark as the sun sets. Because your smart TV will be connected to your integrated system, you can easily pick up from where you left off on another screen indoors and turn on the TVs, speakers, and smart lights simultaneously. Whether you’ll place your outdoor display directly under sunlight or beneath a shady tree, there’s a glare-resistant model right for you.


Endless Activities with Outdoor AV

Your get-togethers and holidays will feel livelier than ever after installing outdoor audio and video. Afternoon cocktails, birthday parties, and even your outdoor workouts are quickly enhanced by your favorite tunes in one press of a button from your smartphone. Even as it gets colder, you can still enjoy music outdoors by a bonfire. In winter, head to the hot tub and turn on your high-end speakers in one command.


Music is proven to bring people together and improve our moods, and with easily accessible entertainment in your backyard, the space will take on a new atmosphere. Even while you garden, rake, or tend to the lawn, you can tell Alexa to play your favorite band or listen to a sports game on the outdoor TV.



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