How Often Should I Upgrade My Wireless Home Network?


And Other Questions to Ask About Your Home’s Internet  

We can all agree that Wi-Fi is a wonderful thing; it lets us connect with people from around the world in seconds, accessing and sharing information instantly. But it can cause us a lot of headaches, too.

If you’re working from home, you may have experienced frozen video calls or found that certain rooms don’t receive a signal at all, keeping you siloed in one area. Not to mention, cyberhackers are always a looming threat that don’t seem like a problem until it happens to you.

To make sure you’re getting the best internet possible in your Santa Fe, NM, home, read on for our Wi-Fi FAQs. Maybe it’s time for a new home network installation to enjoy the performance you need.

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6 Signs You Need A Home Networking Upgrade


Is Your Wi-Fi Giving You What You Need?

Like the weather, Wi-Fi can seem unpredictable and often disappointing. Will your video call run smoothly? Will the movie get stuck loading for twenty minutes? Who is to say? 

But with help from a home networking professional, you may be surprised to find your internet performing quickly across the house. A well-running home network is not impossible, and your Los Alamos, NM household could be living with one soon.

To see if it’s time for an upgrade in your home, read the following tell-tale signs. 

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