Where Is the Best Location to Install Security Cameras?


Find the Right Camera Placements to Keep Your Home Safe 

No one wants to receive an alert that indicates someone is trespassing on their property. But it’s better to receive a heads-up than hear nothing at all. You won’t want to discover later that your possessions have been stolen—or worse.

Whether you’re fast asleep or across town at the grocery store, a smart security system will always keep you in-the-know with human detection notifications.

If you ever receive a security notification, you’ll want to check your camera footage right away. But where is the best location to install security cameras on your home? Burglars often find ways to tamper with cameras or avoid being recorded. To ensure you capture everything necessary, read on to help your Albuquerque, NM house stay safe.

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More Than the Front Door

According to a report by the Bureau of Justice, 81% of trespassers enter homes through first-story doors or windows. A majority of Albuquerque houses are one story, making it a little scary that bedrooms are within reach of a burglar. Be sure to guard your back door, front door, and any windows with a camera, installed high above the window frames and pointed downward. You can use the front door camera as a virtual peephole to look through from anywhere in the world. ‘Trap’ surveillance cameras are mounted at the corners of your home to cover every angle, sweeping every side of the building.   

Choose Wide-Angle Cameras

Dome-shaped cameras will give you the widest angles to see without obstruction. Be mindful of any plants or trees that might block critical views. Look for a camera that can record 75 to 180 degrees so no one can slip out of the frame, sweeping your yard. Cameras with a smaller range of 45 to 75 degrees are best aimed at a specific target, like the driveway, garage, or front entrance.

High Enough to Need a Ladder

Watch out for cameras that are installed too low to the ground. If an intruder can reach your cameras to tamper with the lens or steal the device, all your precautions will go to waste. It’s best to install security cameras at least nine feet tall so no one’s arms can reach. When pointed downward, they should still be able to record faces or license plates. You don’t want to rely too much on an eye-level video doorbell that can easily be obstructed. 

There’s a lot to consider when installing security cameras. Does thinking about installing your own surveillance system give you a headache? Maybe it’s time to let the professionals step in.


A Sound Look is based in Santa Fe, NM, and is an expert in all technology and surveillance. Contact us here to get started on your new system today.



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